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  • Realtime Conference 2012 Recap

    Realtime Conference 2012 was held in Portland last week. Formerly known as “Keeping it Realtime” in 2011, this was the conference’s second iteration of what is poised to become a regular annual event. Over the course of two days, speakers from around the world came to talk about web development, browser hacks, scaling, optimizations, standards, and anything else of interest to those furthering (or merely observing) the evolution of the realtime Internet. While last year’s talks were focused primarily on realtime web tech and had two tracks, this year was a single track and boasted a broadened scope. Sure, there were still plenty of talks about Node, but we also got a taste of computer history, power grid greenery, wearable devices, and deejay hackery.


  • Realtime Conference and XMPP Summit

    Hey people! I’ll be at the Realtime Conference and XMPP Summit in Portland this week. If you want to talk about push, open protocols, federation, etc, just find the guy in the Fanout shirt.


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